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by mushroomisland

Hi all, here's a way to support Remnants!

Check out Remnants on Tapastic and follow us! It's a free platform for webcomics where I mirror the updates. But what's cool is that it has an app that lets you read webcomics on your phone (on android and iphone!) - it may just be cool. And you can check out other comics there as well.


For other webcomic artists out there, I recommend it. Its PPP program pays artists for pageviews they get on their series. Great way to monetize your work. :)

April Fools switcheroo :)
by mushroomisland

What could've been page 22 of chapter By Charil Mae, creator of Clockwork Atrium!


Change of update schedule - Mon/Wed/FRIDAY
by mushroomisland

I've decided to move the saturday update to a friday update, so going Mon/Wed/Fri from this week on. Reasons being: 

I now have lots of buffer pages, so I'm not so worried about getting pages done on time. Putting them all on weekdays wouldn't hurt the updates anymore.

I've found that weekends tend to get less visitors than weekdays in my site stats.

Thanks! :D

Comic Rocket!
by mushroomisland

You might realize that there is an additon of a small white rectangular button there with a red rocket on it. If you click it, a nuclear missile will be launched and the world will come to an end.  It is Comic Rocket - It turns out our host site, comicfury, has teamed up with a webomic reader site called comic rocket to make things easier for readers to read their favorite webcomics. You can register and subscribe to Remnants, and it will keep the page counts for you and even book mark your pages. You can also search for other webomics listed there and read other comics. :D


for more info

Remnants is on Twitter and Facebook!
by mushroomisland

I just made SNS pages for our comic, Remnants. Get updates on either twitter and facebook! Like or follow to show your support ! :D 

It would help greatly if you spread the word about our comic, and help Remnants to get more readers and fans. What motivates us the most are the people who read the comic and supports us! You can also watch us on Deviant Art, as I occasionally post up in-progress drawings or sketches of the comic. :)


-Thank you!