Lan, 26.

An amnesiac who doesn't remember anything about his past before being found by a stream in a mountain, his motivation for most of his actions is driven by his urge to search for his lost memories. His extraordinary powers make the matters even more intriguing. He has a caring personality, and children seem to like him, despite him always saying that they annoy him. But there is still a part in him that comes out once in a while in heated situations, that seems to suggest that there is something completely different deep inside him.

Jane Steelheart, 27.

A cyborg (Bio-mech in "Nation" science terms) woman who works under Mente to capture Lan. However, she isn't much of a loyalist to the Kaiser, neither does she trust Mente. Though not exactly cold-hearted, she is a cynical and sarcastic woman, with a general distrust for human nature and society. But most importantly, she seems to have known Lan before the "incident."

Danbi, 10.

Lan finds her in the woods looking for her father. But there is something else that she brings to all their lives along with herself... (Will be introduced again in chapter 3)

Mente, 38

A man of high importance from the Capitol, he uses his powers over the NSRC to capture Lan. The reasons for his efforts to capture Lan isn't yet revealed, but Lan seems to be of an important factor to his ambitions. Overall he is a menacingly clever man, and every single one of his actions have been carefully precalculated to gain what he wants.



The Remnants world is a Dystopian state, far in the unspecified future. Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Dystopia

Nation - A totalitarian state located in modern day America (just called "West Continent" here) where a being called "Kaiser" rules with something akin to theocracy. Though it is very like what we'd call a country, it is probably the only place where people live under a strong central government, and it has large territories and areas around the globe where it reaches its influence. Religion, philosophy, art, and writing (unless approved by Capitol) is forbidden, and people live in a soceity that resembles a pre-industrial agrarian era. However, "approved" high technologies can be used under government control and scrutiny, when it is deemed neccessary. For the most part, people living in here is cut off from anything outside Nation.

Kaiser - The "ruler" and apparently "savior" of Nation. According to Capitol leaders, the Apostles, he had gathered the survivors of human race after the wars, diseases and disasters had befallen upon them, and had created Nation as his chosen people. He is also said to be immortal and omnipotent. He had never shown himself to the public other than the early days of Nation, and today's generations of people in Nation only gets to hear his words through the Capitol. There is a silent debate going on about this ruler actually even existing in the first place.

Capitol - A city that holds the organized government of Nation, and also Kaiser, where no one really knows it is located. However there are no doubts that this place exists, as its authority and powers are fully felt all over the Nation every day. It is said that this is a place where all the glory of human advancements of the past have been kept safely, and is still being expanded. As the people do not know of what the "past" had been like at all, to the public it has become something more like a magical place that would appear in folklores.

Triumvirates - Another organized government outside of Nation, to the coast where there would be modern day Atlantic. Little is known about this place, and is completely unknown to most people in Nation. Its organization is based upon mostly a loose alliance among three groups of people headed by their leading family, though only recently it has begun to funtion like a real government.  However, the Triumvirates are the only force that is able to stand against Nation's rule, or influence, though it is far from being strong enough to overthrow it. This seemed only possible because of rich resources, money, and the considerable amount of technology they had managed to salvage before Nation monopolized most of it to their Capitol.




Minji Kim - Author/Artist for the webcomic Remnants.

I am currently a college student in VCU, living in United States. My home country is S. Korea and I had spent my early childhood in Seoul. To sum up most important facts about me: I love Korea, always eat Korean food, loves ramen, read (and recently, draw) comics, am an artist, and a Christian. Well to conclude, I'm an amateur comic artist :)